Monthly Archives: December 2009

Ubuntu EMEA Regional Membership Board seeking new member

The Ubuntu EMEA Regional Membership Board (EMEA RMB) is seeking an additional Ubuntu community member to join as a member of the board. More details about the RMB can be found at the following links: Regional Boards Membership Wiki Regional Boards EMEA Wiki EMEA Membership Board Launchpad The Regional Membership Boards are responsible for considering […]

Unified SRU policy and team for main/universe

Attention Ubuntu developers! During the course of general archive re-organization, and a recent (short) discussion on ubuntu-devel@ [1] and on IRC, the SRU teams for main (ubuntu-sru) and universe (motu-sru) have now joined together in: ubuntu-sru This now means that any member can review/approve/reject any SRU request. However, only the archive administrators amongst the team […]

Launchpad Read Only Notification

Launchpad’s web interface will be read-only for one hour from 22.00 UTC on Wednesday the 16th December 2009 for the release of Launchpad 3.1.12. During that time, other services, including PPAs, code hosting and the email interface, will be offline. Starts: 22.00 UTC 16th December Expected back: 23.00 UTC 16th December This is the final […]

Edubuntu Council Elections

Recently, the current Edubuntu Council announced the Edubuntu Council nominations and elections. The nomination round has been completed and even though later than originally anticipated, the voting will soon commence. 6 polls have been set up on Launchpad. Each poll has two choices, “yes” and “no”. The poll starts at 01:00:00 UTC (around 12 hours […]

Call for nominations: Ubuntu Developer Membership Board

Earlier this year, the Technical Board agreed to establish a Developer Membership Board (DMB) with responsibility for approving new Ubuntu developers and granting them the appropriate privileges in Launchpad. Previously, this had been the responsibility of the Technical Board itself. For various reasons, it was prudent to separate this function into its own governance board, […]