Monthly Archives: December 2009

Michal Zajac (quintasan)

Desktop Screenshot Micha? Zaj?c Age: 16 Location:Lubin, Poland IRC Nick:Quintasan or Quintasan|Szel How long have you used Linux and what was your first distro? How long? Kind of hard to remember, maybe three years. My first distro was Ubuntu then very soon I switched to Kubuntu and after few months I found myself using Gentoo […]

Call for comments on IRCC nominees

The following list of candidates applied for the three positions within the IRC Council: Melissa Draper (elky) Marek Spruell (nalioth) Steve Stalcup (vorian) Kurt von Finck (mneptok) Juha Siltala (topyli) Michael Lustfield (MTecknology) Nicolas Valcarcel (Nxvl) Nathan Handler (nhandler) Terence Simpson (tsimpson) and The incumbent […]

Transparency and keeping everybody on the same page

The project has grown so much that it’s harder and harder for everybody to follow what’s going on in each and every team and across the board. There’s a lot of different cases where this becomes obvious: An announce sent to a team list might be missed by others who it might concern as well. […]

Lucid Alpha 1 released

I know where the bobcat hunts, oh yes, When the air hangs dark and the city sleeps, When it moves about with stealth of breath; Its form a shadow to make you guess If you see a cat or just nighttime creeps; But a hunter could be there nearby For I know where the bobcat […]

LoCo Directory

After hours of work of lots of nice people, we’re happy to announce The LoCo Directory has been talked about for a long time now and we’re happy to release a first functional release, which is 0.1.0. In this first release we simply want to keep team data up to date. Make sure your […]