Monthly Archives: February 2006

Dapper Drake Feature Freeze Imminent

Matt Zimmerman sent out a note reminding everyone that “Feature Freeze” for Ubuntu 6.04 is coming up in two days: The feature freeze for Dapper begins this Thursday, February 23rd. This means that feature goal development be substantially complete. Features which are behind schedule may be granted exceptions (for priority goals with a clear roadmap […]

Ubuntu, la distribution facile à installer

Lionel Dricot writes in: We all know that Ubuntu is the OS my mother would use if… oh well, my mother already uses it! And my father too! But one last piece was missing : a real book for the beginner. A complete “hitchhiker's guide” to Ubuntu, from the installation to Synaptic, with Firefox, Evolution, […]

Flight 4 Takes Off

The fourth test release of the upcoming “Dapper Drake” has been announced. This is the debut of the new graphical installer, dubbed Espresso, which adds an icon to the desktop that allows users to permanently install Ubuntu right from the Live CD. A nicer tour of the new features is available on the wiki. You […]

Desktop News, Issue #2

Vincent Untz is back with the second issue of the popular Ubuntu Desktop News, which summarizes all the work done on the desktop these past few months. This update is huge, and includes some real goodies: Gstreamer .10 for multimedia support, the inclusions of avahi for full zeroconf suppport, the addition of ekiga and xchat-gnome, […]

Test Plans and Hug Day

Got a spare computer and some free time? Daniel Holbach is looking for volunteers for the new testing program. It's a short list of things you can check off while installing a test release. There is also a longer, more thorough test is available for those that want to really put the installation process through […]