Monthly Archives: November 2005

Community Council Meeting for November 22nd

Dennis Kaarsemaker has posted the Community Council Summary for the week of November 22nd. The Council, which acts as the the primary community governance body for the Ubuntu project, discussed various topics including a report from the Chilean Local Team and approved 3 new Ubuntu Members; Julius Bloch, Armin Ronacher, and Bhuvaneswaran.

Holiday Give Away 2005

To continue a tradition started last year, members of the Ubuntu Community have created a Holiday Give Away wiki page. The goal of that effort is to try to provide people with Ubuntu CDs in time for the Holidays in December. Other ideas of things that can be shared within the community are personalized CDs […]

Bug Day returns

Daniel Holbach sent out a reminder that this Thursday, November 24nd is the next Bug Day. This is a day where volunteers trudge through the bugs filed by users and make sure they get assigned to the right teams. Bug Day is a great learning experience if you want to learn how to get involved […]

MOTU Report – Issue 9

Daniel Holbach of the MOTU team has posted the latest report on MOTU Issues: October was very exciting. We released Breezy Badger's Universe and Multiverse with less bugs and more thrilling software. Thank you everybody who helped to make this possible. read more

Taking Linux On The Road

Tom’s Hardware takes a look at the Ubuntu H2 Micro USB Drive. This small thumbdrive is a self contained unit that plugs into any USB port and boots into Ubuntu 4.10. Setting up the H2 is simple: We picked an ordinary computer system in our office, plugged the H2 device into an empty USB 2.0 […]