Monthly Archives: January 2006

Dapper status, and new members, oh my!

We've got two updates for you today, as Jane Weideman dutifully brings us the current development report for the Dapper Drake. Twenty-five specifications have been fully completed, as the core team continues to drive towards release in April. The human status clock, Dennis Kaarsemaker, also brings us the latest status report from the Community Council. […]

New Updater Program Needs Testers

Michael Vogt has put in a call for testing for the new upgrade tool for Ubuntu. The general idea is that when a new version of Ubuntu is released, that there should be an easy way to upgrade without manually editing text files. Ruben Vermeersch asked if this tool would be pushed to breezy so […]

Ubuntu Transitions to new Bug Tracking System

James Henstridge wrote in to let everyone know that the planned migration of the main and restricted section of Ubuntu to the new bug tracking system, Malone, is now complete. Users are directed to file bugs directly into Malone, as the old bugzilla installation is now read-only. James' post-migration report is available via blog. For […]

It's Easy … being Green ….

Hot on the heels of the last Dapper Status report, Jane Weideman brings us the latest status on the next version of Ubuntu, 6.04 (aka The Dapper Drake). This new report shows how much the developers have gotten done over the past month. The short story is “less red, more green” on the report as […]

CC, MOTU, and Dapper Development Status Updates

Daniel Holbach has posted the latest MOTU Report, Issue 11. The MOTUs really put Malone (the new Ubuntu bug tracking system) to the test this past month: December was packed with merges, but we're happy to announce that there are only a very few left. Just to visualize the combined efforts of MOTUs, MOTU wannabes […]