Unified SRU policy and team for main/universe

Attention Ubuntu developers! During the course of general archive re-organization, and a recent (short) discussion on ubuntu-devel@ [1] and on IRC, the SRU teams for main (ubuntu-sru) and universe (motu-sru) have now joined together in: ubuntu-sru

This now means that any member can review/approve/reject any SRU request. However, only the archive administrators amongst the team members can actually press the buttons to accept uploads, but that’s the smallest part of SRU review really.

The policy was already updated a while ago to uniquely apply to the entire archive: Stable Release Updates

In particular, you now should just subscribe “ubuntu-sru” to all SRU requests. “motu-sru” will still work, since ubuntu-sru is now the sole member of motu-sru, but its usage should be phased out.

[1] ubuntu-devel mailing list archive.

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