Monthly Archives: October 2007

Dell to ship 7.10 soon

With the release of 7.10, many have been wondering if Dell will ship 7.10. Well, the answer to that question has been answered, according to a DesktopLinux story. Anne Camden of Dell corporate communications said: We will offer Ubuntu 7.10 preinstalled on our systems soon John Hull, who was recently interviewed by Lxer, has said […]

First 7.10 reviews have started to roll in

With the release of 7.10 yesterday, it is not terribly shocking that we have already started to see reviews. With the massive amount of interest in Ubuntu, this means some of the mirrors have been a little slow. CLICK picked up on this story, remarking that it was similar to the 7.04 release period. Most […]

Ubuntu 7.10 released!

In case you missed the flurry of release announcements, Ubuntu 7.10 (sometimes known to its friends as Gutsy Gibbon) has been released (the little “7.10 is here” image on the left might have also tipped you off). Anway, check out the following announcement for the news: Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop edition Server edition Ubuntu family As […]

10 Rocking Features in 10 Days: The killer feature – the Ubuntu community

Tomorrow is the launch of Ubuntu 7.10. We have taken a look at all the cool features that make 7.10 so cool, we come to the best feature of all: the community. So why is the community the best feature? Without a community and a rocking one like we have, none of the very cool […]

10 Rocking Features in 10 Days: NTFS partition writing

As we close in on the 7.10 release, today we take a look at NTFS writing, the ability for our Ubuntu machines to write to NTFS formatted partitions, primarily those of Windows XP and Vista. But couldn't I do this in previous versions of Ubuntu? Nope! What you could do was see your Windows NTFS […]