First 7.10 reviews have started to roll in

With the release of 7.10 yesterday, it is not terribly shocking that we have already started to see reviews.

With the massive amount of interest in Ubuntu, this means some of the mirrors have been a little slow. CLICK picked up on this story, remarking that it was similar to the 7.04 release period.

Most of the reviews have been quite favourable, with Desktop Linux saying All in all, the new Ubuntu appears at first glance to be a solid improvement on the last version and one that both young and old Ubuntu users will find a worthwhile upgrade in their review: It’s Here! Ubuntu 7.10 Arrives.

Similarly, says The new Ubuntu is more polished, more professional and in general, better than the previous one, which was already a great OS while pointing out that Minor glitches? Present, as always. You can read more at Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon: Critical review.

Lunapark joined in praising 7.10, saying I’ll cut to the chase and say from the start that Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy) Desktop Edition is simply the best desktop operating system that I have ever used. From installation, to setup, to regular everyday use Gutsy is just a thing of beauty. Check it out at Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy) Desktop Edition – Review.

Lastly, PCWorld wonders Ubuntu Gets Gutsy, But Is Linux Ready?, saying The Litmus test for Ubuntu, and Linux on the desktop, will come when people try Gutsy as an alternative to Windows and Mac OS X. With more device driver integration and automatic configuration built in, Linux may eventually shred its command-line hacker moniker.

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