10 Rocking Features in 10 Days: The killer feature – the Ubuntu community

Tomorrow is the launch of Ubuntu 7.10. We have taken a look at all the cool features that make 7.10 so cool, we come to the best feature of all: the community.

So why is the community the best feature?

Without a community and a rocking one like we have, none of the very cool features we have showcased we even be possible. The community is in nearly every country in the world and has probably carried Ubuntu to every continent (I say probably because I have seen no “Ubuntu in Antartica” thread ).

So how do I join this awesome community you speak of?

Well, it is actually pretty simple. One excellent place to start is your local Ubuntu group, also known as a LoCo. Check the list for one near you. They might even be running something to celebrate the 7.10 release. At the distro level there are tonnes of teams that need help, from the documentation and marketing teams, to the Universe developers, MOTU. We here at the Fridge are always looking for more writers, so if you fancy writing for us, check out our wiki page.

But to make things even easier, next week is Open Week, where all the various movers and shakers in the Ubuntu community run sessions on IRC to tell you how you can help them with whatever bit of the distro or community they help out with.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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