New face of Launchpad revealed!

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that the beta of Launchpad 1.0 went public today!

As you’re reading The Fridge, you’re probably pretty familiar with Launchpad. You know, of course, that it makes it easier for individuals and communities to collaborate on free software projects, right? And it goes without saying that Zope, Silva CMS, Jokosher, Creative Commons, WengoPhone and PledgeBank are just some of the users other than Ubuntu.

So, what’s new in 1.0?

  • Brand new interface: it’s now easier to find your way round and man is it pretty.
  • Brandable: projects, teams and individuals – you can all put your logo or mugshot on relevant Launchpad pages.
  • Track people’s work: everyone’s Launchpad profile now shows the projects they’re most active in and the sort of work they’ve done.

As well as changes to the interface, the Launchpad team have also taken the opportunity to make some improvements to the underlying code.

Mark Shuttleworth has more to say on the subject. If you’ve got any feedback about Launchpad, come join us in #launchpad on or sign up to the launchpad-users mailing list!

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