Community Question Time

Got any questions about K/Ubuntu that have been burning inside you, but you have never known who to ask? Now we’ve managed to secure a regular slot with Canonical’s Ubuntu Community Manager.

Following from the great success of the Ubuntu Open Week question sessions, mister Jono Bacon will now be having a regular date, once a month for Community Question Time.

There will be a one-hour time limit, so it’ll definitely be a case of quick-fire to ensure that as many people get their questions in and their answers out! To join in the fun you’ll need to get on to IRC and join #ubuntu-meeting to watch the conversation develop.

If you’re also also wanting to ask questions, then here’s how; also join #ubuntu-meeting-questions and prefix what you’re wanting to know with QUESTION. It should look something like this:

  • <choclover> QUESTION: Will the next release of Ubuntu come with free chocolate?

Look forward to seeing you all there, there will be plenty of room for everybody!

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2 Responses to “Community Question Time”

  1. just barb Says:

    hello ubuntu fridge,

    I am unable to make that time but have a quick question. I’m looking for a Japanese made computer with an amd or non-intel chip, and ubuntu as OS. Is this possible? Thanks!

  2. guiverc Says:

    I believe a Support site would be more appropriate, eg. You can also find help with your problem in the support forum of your local Ubuntu community or asking at or, or for more support options please look at

    (Note: Not all support sites allow what is deemed as shopping advice, thus I’d head to Ubuntu Forums)

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