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Unity Contributor Report: Ready for Beta 2 and Lenses API ready to go

The roll up to Beta two begins as the archive starts to get more and more frozen with Beta 2 Freeze tomorrow. We have one major announcement for the week, Neil Patel sends along that the Unity Lens API documentation is mostly ready for developer consumption and should be finished off soon. Neil has been […]

Unity Contributor Report for Beta 1: It’s peanut butter beta time.

Now that feature freeze is past the team has been concentrating on polishing up Unity for 11.10 Beta 1. While Jono has outlined the user-visible changes in 11.10, here are the meaty guts behind that work and some things that might not seem so obvious to the naked eye. If you are interested in contributing […]

Unity Contributor Report: So long Feature Freeze!

Ubuntu hit feature freeze last week, which means for most intents and purposes the features for 11.10 and are now in place, and the remainder of the cycle is left for bug fixing and polish, as you can see the contributor team has been quite busy! Unity Contributor Activity This Week Andrea Azzarone fixes a […]

The Road to Alpha 3

This week the Unity team has still been concentrating on feature work and backlog bugs. All the changes in this week’s desktop team report have landed for the Alpha 3 release of Oneiric that will be out sometime today. However some of the community changes are in trunk so might not show up until the […]

Unity Progress Report – Alt-Tab style

Welcome to another installment of the Unity report. This week sees the new alt-tab landing (which is currently bound to ctrl-tab), here’s what it looks like: Unity Contributor Activity This Week Andrea Azzarone just pushed tons of work for improving launcher device management. Andrea has added a ccsm option to show/hide external devices on launcher, […]