Xenial 16.04.4 Call For Testing (All Flavours)

Some time ago our first release candidate builds for all flavours that
released with xenial have been posted to the ISO tracker [1] into the
16.04.4 milestone.

As with each point-release, we would need volunteers to grab the ISOs
of their flavour/flavours of choice and perform general testing. We
obviously are mostly looking for regressions from 16.04.3, but please
fill in any bugs you encounter (against the respective source packages
on Launchpad). There is still time until the target release date on
1st of March, but for now we're not considering pulling in any more
fixes besides ones for potential release-blockers that we encounter.

With enough luck the images that have been made available just now
might be the ones we release on Thursday.

Thank you!

[1] http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/386/builds

Originally posted to the Ubuntu Release mailing list on Fri Feb 23 22:33:06 UTC 2018 
by Lukasz Zemczak, on behalf of the Ubuntu Release Team
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