Schedule of UbuCon Europe released – Registration is open

Big news about UbuCon Europe!

In the last month we were running the call for contributions for our event, the deadline was on the 31st of July. Today we’re happy to announce the full schedule:

The first official day is the 18th of November where the main focus is to get together and socialize. The second social-event will be on saturday. We’ll have more details on this in the near future.

Saturday and Sunday (the 19th and 20th November) are the days where all the talks and workshops are taking place. Our very special guest is Jane Silber, who is the CEO of Canonical. She will do the opening keynote on the first day. Furthermore we’re happy to have talks from Canonical employees, from other other companies like Nextcloud and Microsoft and most importantly from the wider Ubuntu-Community. Right now we have more than 30 talks from more than 30 different speakers from different countries and even different continents.

The schedule might change a little bit in the next weeks. Free slots might be filled up with even more talks. If you want to fill one of those empty slots contact us at idea at


We’ve not only published the schedule, but also opened up the registration. Unfortunately we need to charge a fee to cover the costs. We don’t have a fixed fee yet, but it won’t be more than 30€ for the whole weekend. The good news is that the price includes food, hot- and softdrinks! The exact costs will be announced at a later point. The money will be charged at the registration at the event.

Be sure to register here:

If you are working for a company and would like to sponsor our event, be sure to check out our sponsoring brochure: Sponsoring the event would help to lower the entrance fee for everybody!

For any other information for the event, check our website:

Call for Venues UbuCon 2017

The UbuCon Europe is first conference series dedicated to the European Ubuntu community. The conference series starts in 2016 and it was set to take place in Essen, Germany. To continue the conferences series in 2017 a new motivated organization team with an appropriate location is needed. With hosting an UbuCon Europe conference you get the chance to get your locale Ubuntu community with other Ubuntu community from all over Europe as well as attract inspiring and interesting speakers providing talk at your place.

What is required?

The UbuCon Europe should take place in a city

  • Which is easily reachable by plane, train, or car
  • Provides accommodations with moderate prices
  • Has locations for social events
  • Provides short distances between the conference venue, places for social events, and hotels or a good public transport system

For the conference venue a location is needed:

  • A place for registration as well as coffee breaks and lunches
  • Four rooms for talks and workshops including a room for conducting the welcome address and the keynote speech
  • Wifi in all rooms

The size of the rooms may vary. There might be talks/workshops that only attract a few people (<10), but also talks that have around 50 people. For 2016, it is assumed that around 200 people will join the conference. This may depend on the location and the activity of the organising LoCo.

When will it take place?

The UbuCon Europe will take place in September/October/November. The specific date will be coordinated between the host and the UbuCon Europe organization committee. Those three month are not fixed, but it’s intended to do the next UbuCon roughly one year after this years UbuCon.

How to apply?

The local community will be the host of the UbuCon Europe and the contact for all question related to the planning and scheduling the conference.

Any Ubuntu community, which can offer a venue fulfilling the aforementioned requirements can apply for hosting the UbuCon Europe. Local Communities which already have organised an UbuCon have a big plus point. The local community will be the host of the UbuCon Europe and the contact for all question related to the planning and scheduling the conference. They’ll get access to the website on and on mailinglists which are used for the organisation.

Please specify in your application everything necessary to assess that your venue is appropriate for hosting the UbuCon Europe. The deadline for applying is 30th November 2016. Please send the application or any other questions regarding the Call for Venus to team at

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