New community-announce mailing list!

There are all kinds of announcements in the Ubuntu community that are not strictly development or release-related which are posted here on the fridge, from the recent revision of the Code of Conduct to upcoming community-wide events.

At the Ubuntu Developer Summit in October the Community Council spoke with other members of the community and decided to launch a new community announcement mailing list.

The list is now live! Sign up here:

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2 Responses to “New community-announce mailing list!”

  1. Marcus Moeller Says:

    Another good reason the keep the UWN announces off the LoCo-contacts list.

  2. pleia2 Says:

    First, to clarify, we won’t be posting UWN announcements on the community list.

    Every time this topic comes up on the loco-council list a majority of respondents ask for it to continue. We would stop if this wasn’t the case 🙂

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