More tasks to sink your teeth in

Two weeks ago we launched our first bug fixing initiative for the quantal release cycle and we are happy to report that at least four new contributors helped out: Sebastian Carneiro, Siddhanathan S., Guruprasad and Bruno Ribeiro. Thanks a lot everyone!

In the last MOTU meeting we agreed on a new list of tasks, so please join us, get involved, learn about development and fix some issues with us. You can review the entire list with instructions on the Ubuntu Wiki.

We have tasks for new contributors and more experienced developers alike, and are happy to help you out if you should get stuck. Let’s make quantal really rock!


Get Involved
Getting involved is easy, all you have to do is read our Development Guide, particularly these chapters will help you a lot: Introduction to Ubuntu Development, Getting Set Up and How to fix a bug in Ubuntu. Next…

Find something to work on
We run regular bug fixing initiatives, where you can get started on hand-selected bugs and point out other ways to find bugs to get started with.

Get in touch
There are many different ways to contact Ubuntu developers and get your questions answered. Don’t be shy and get to know us.

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2 Responses to “More tasks to sink your teeth in”

  1. Guruprasad Says:

    Curious to know if the Guruprasad mentioned in this article is me. I did fix a spelling mistake bug in the piwi package and have uploaded the fix to debian and waiting for it to be pulled in. My Launchpad profile is

  2. dholbach Says:

    Yes, it was you. 🙂

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