New Membership Board Members

Last month we put out a call to the community to restaff the Ubuntu Membership Boards and announced a change from region-based applications to time-based boards, see:

Thanks to all the great candidates we had for the restaffing! It’s never easy to select from great lists and candidates, but we do have limited spots on the board, so congratulations and welcome to the following:

12:00 Membership Board

22:00 Membership Board

All of these individuals will be added to the new consolidated ~ubuntu-membership-board team and we’ll be working to update the documentation to reflect time-based rather than region-based boards.

Originally posted to the ubuntu-news-team mailing list by Elizabeth Krumbach on Wed May 30 16:24:51 UTC 2012

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5 Responses to “New Membership Board Members”

  1. andrewsomething Says:

    Congrats folks!

    Though having only four people @ 12:00 seems a little disheartening, not much leeway on reaching a quorum. Is that just out of a lack of qualified people responding to the restaffing call?

  2. pleia2 Says:

    These are in addition to the existing board members, so there are 8 assigned to the 12:00 slot and 9 at 22:00. They are technically the same team so board members can participate in both meetings if they have the time.

  3. andrewsomething Says:

    Ah! That makes much more sense. Thanks!

  4. 紳癒礁湖 Says:

    Welcome aboard! 🙂

  5. Pablo Rubianes Says:

    Thanks to everyone!!

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