Juju Charm Contest – Help bring Free Software into the cloud

I’m proud to announce the first ever Juju Charm Contest! Right now we have 51 services that you can easily deploy via juju on EC2, OpenStack, and bare metal. However there is so much Free Software out there that can run in the cloud, and we’d like to see what creative ways you can help other people deploy them. We’ll be offering three prizes, a $300 Amazon Gift Card for the winner and 2 $100 Amazon gift cards for the 2 runner’s up.

So what can you charm? As you can see from the list of what we have so far it really is anything that can run on the cloud. We’ve had contributions for simple LAMP services like Thinkup; to things like ownCloud, which lets you run your own cloud services on your own terms. We also have complex services like Hadoop and CloudFoundry and even some fun services like game servers for Minecraft and Steam games. All of these things will be fully deployable in 12.04 with just a few commands, and we’d like to see as many services be that easy to run right out of the box, so if you’re passionate about something and want to charm it up, dive in! We have a list of things we think people might like, but anything that can run on the cloud will be welcome!

We’ve got some resources to help you out:

  • Here’s the workflow for submitting you Charm when you’re ready.
  • #juju on Freenode IRC is full of experts waiting to help you.
  • Our mailing list.
  • We’re holding a live webinar where we will go deep into charming and answering your questions.

The contest will start this Monday, 27 February, and will run for 4 weeks, the deadline being 23 March. After 4 weeks the 3 judges will review all the submitted Charms and pick the winners. We have the complete set of rules here. Even if you don’t win one of the top 3 prizes if your Charm passes review and gets shipped in the store we’ll hook you up with a juju shirt and Ubuntu travel mug for your contribution.

Good luck!

Originally posted by Jorge Castro here on February 23rd, 2012

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