Looking for PHP Developers to assist with forums upgrade

The Ubuntu Community is looking for a PHP/OpenID hero to help us in a bit of a bind we have on the forums.

The forums need a branding update, as well as an update to the vbulletin software we are running. Unfortunately Vbulletin doesn’t support openid(!).

Let us please not bring alternates to Vb into the discussion just yet.

In the past there was a bit of custom php that was done in order to enable Ubuntu users to use their Ubuntu Single Sign On account. This doesn’t work with the new version of vbulletin, and this is a blocker to the upgrade.

The Forums Council is thus in search of a volunteer(s) that would be willing to work with the Canonical IS team and the Forums Council to make this happen. Ideally you’d be comfortable with PHP and vbulletin already, and wouldn’t mind a brutal security review from the IS and security teams in Ubuntu, but hey, you’d be the guy that fixed logins on the forums, with all the fame (or infamy) and glory that it entails.

Feel free to PM the Forums Council if you’re interested. The forums have always been a crucial element of Ubuntu’s success, and it’d be a great way to contribute if you’re looking for something to do.

See also: http://castrojo.tumblr.com/post/16165219934/ubuntu-forums-needs-single-sign-on-looking-for-a-php

Originally posted to The Community Cafe on ubuntuforums.org by bodhi.zazen on Mon 23 January

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2 Responses to “Looking for PHP Developers to assist with forums upgrade”

  1. palhmbs Says:

    Whoever hacks this together should add Mozilla’s BrowserID single-sign-on login to vBulletin too!

  2. DarwinSurvivor Says:

    Brainstorm is also looking for a Drupal developer to help update the brainstorm system. The currently developer (nand) doesn’t have time to update it himself but is willing to mentor anyone who would like to help.

    Contact any brainstorm developer or visit us at #ubuntu-brainstorm on FreeNode if you are interrested.

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