Ubuntu Community mourns the loss of André Gondim

André Gondim

The Ubuntu Project has lost an active member of its community. André Gondim died on 3rd November after fighting with ill health for several months.

André was a major contributor of Ubuntu Brazil, the leader of the Brazilian Translations team and member of the Brazilian Community Council. He was 29 years old and married. Even despite his poor health condition, he was always there to support Ubuntu and the community.

The Ubuntu Project honours his excellent work and strong dedication to Ubuntu and the broader Open Source community. André was always there for others as a friend. He will be sorely missed and his dedication and contributions will serve as inspiration to us all.

Our thoughts are with his wife, his family and friends.

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12 Responses to “Ubuntu Community mourns the loss of André Gondim”

  1. Og Maciel Says:

    I remember when André joined the Brazilian Ubuntu community as a translator, and had the chance to see him grow and blossom into the legendary figure he eventually became. André BECAME Ubuntu in Brazil and I so glad his hard work and dedication is being acknowledged here!

  2. Effiejayx Says:

    I was very much influenced by his work when starting contributing. May his work live on with the ongoing contributions of all

    Thanks Andre

  3. fernandofvh Says:

    Hola no conocía a este muchacho porque 29 años es un muchacho aún, muy joven. Un saludo para la familia desde España y un abrazo para la gente de Ubuntu por tener el detalle de realizar esta nota de condolencia. Felicidades Ubuntu hay que estar con la gente en los momentos alegres y tristes también. Congratulations to Ubuntu membership to mention him in this note.

  4. nasrullah Says:

    We Ubuntu community lost a valuable contributor..RIP Andre.
    You are in our prayers

  5. Hannie Dumoleyn Says:

    What a shock to hear that André has passed away. So young, so energetic and helpful. The ubuntu community, and especially the translators, will miss you dearly.
    Ubuntu Dutch Translators

  6. Benjamin Kerensa Says:

    So sad to hear of a Ubuntu Contributor passing…. I extend my condolences to his family.

  7. Fitoschido Says:

    We’ll miss you so much. Your Launchpad’s karma is not enough to show your enormous contributions to Ubuntu.

    Thanks for all, André!

    Ubuntu Spanish Translators

  8. Gleidson Says:

    “Doe, doe sangue, doe tempo livre, seja doador, seja eterno!” por André Gondim
    “Donate, dontate blood, donate free time, be a donor, be eternal!” by André Gondim

  9. jorge Says:


  10. seniDEac Says:

    Go ahead godin!

    Prepare the way, i am late… but just behind you!

    []s Sena

  11. MarcoA Says:

    So sad to hear that a so young and beautiful life has passed away. My sincere condolences to his family.

  12. Fábio Nogueira Says:

    We lost one great friend!

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