Call for Testing – Ubuntu Friendly

Hello all,

As weeks go by, we are getting closer and closer to Ubuntu 11.10 release
and, therefore, to Ubuntu Friendly beta release. An alpha version of the
site is now public for testing:

Have a look to the wiki page of the project [1] if you want to know more.

Right now all systems have only 1 star. This is the minimum rate a
system can get (we give 1 start because, at least, it was able to
install Ubuntu on it and submit results).

A bug in Checkbox prevented submissions to get more than 1 star. This is
now fixed in our PPA and it is now ready to be used in Oneiric. If you
run Oneiric it will be really helpful if you could install Checkbox from
our PPA and run the full Ubuntu Friendly suite (this is the suite that
runs by default).

If you are running Oneiric, we would really appreciate if you could:

1. Add this PPA to your Software Sources:

2. Install the latest version of Checkbox
3. Run it on your system(s) and submit to Launchpad

This will help us on two sides:

First, you will run the latest code in trunk. We are planning to release
version 0.12.8 to Oneiric in a week, so this is the last time to fix
critical issues. Should you find any issues during your testing, please,
file a bug against Checkbox project. [2]

On the server side of things, having a lot of data will help us
testing the website to make sure it works fine when 11.10 gets released.
Should you find any issues on the website, please, file a bug against
the Ubuntu Friendly project. [3]



Originally posted to the ubuntu-devel mailing list by Ara Pulido on Wed Sep 21 12:57:34 UTC 2011

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