Ubuntu 11 .10 Release Parties

It’s this time of year again where we get together in our local communities to celebrate the release of the newest release of Ubuntu. On October 13th 2011 we will celebrate the release of Oneiric Ocelot. With that in mind, lets get all the loco communities out celebrating, having fun and sharing with one another and having a party for 11.10.

We have added the event to the LoCo Directory, so please do add your team event on here so we can show everyone how welcoming our communities are. Have some fun, have a party.

Pick a date, chose a venue, add your event to the LD, and then let your team know what is going to happen. Take photos of the event, blog the event so we can all see how you celebrate Ubuntu in your own way.

Originally posted here by Laura Czajkowski on August 22, 2011.

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