New Forum Council Members

Due to current and upcoming vacancies on the Ubuntu Forum Council, we (the FC) were in need of 3 new members to make the correct number of members.

Previously, the FC was chosen from the staff team by the current FC, and then put forward to the CC to vote on whether or not to approve said members. Recently, the forums and the forum council have been undergoing various changes to allow forum members to be approved as Ubuntu Members by the FC, and ultimately, have the FC elected from these Ubuntu Forums Members. This process still has some kinks to iron out, and is the primary task that this FC will be tackling throughout the term, in order to get a solid process in place before this term is up.

I would therefore like to welcome s-fox, Artificial Intelligence and Iowan to the FC. I’m sure they’ll do a fantastic job and look forward to the obligatory cake that each new FC member has to buy for the others 😉

Originally posted here by Joe Barker on 5 July 2011

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