Ubuntu App Developer Week Kicks Off Today

Ubuntu App Developer Week kicks off today with a rich set of interesting sessions to showcase and teach how to develop awesome applications on the Ubuntu Platform.

It’s going to be on the #ubuntu-classroom IRC channel on Freenode, during the whole week, so be sure to add it to your calendars. If you can’t make it to a session, don’t worry: there will be logs and session summaries available for you to read and learn on your own time.

16.00 UTC
Enabling Multitouch and Gestures Using uTouch – Chase Douglas and Stephen Webb
Join the future of computing and how humans interact with computers on a daily basis. Multi-touch technologies are the next step in this area, and in this talk Chase and Stephen will show you how your applications can make use of it

17:00 UTC
GObject Introspection: The New Way For Developing GNOME Apps in Python, JavaScript and Others – Tomeu Vizoso
Tomeu says: “The talk will be oriented to developers that use or want to use GNOME technologies and still haven’t fully grasped how GObject Introspection is changing the game. It won’t contain any distro specificities, so join without fear even if you don’t use Ubuntu, if it’s of your interest.  It should be of special interest to those willing to contribute to GNOME Shell or that plan to attend Martin Pitt’s talk about life after PyGTK this Tuesday at 16 UTC

18:00 UTC
From English to any language: internationalizing your apps – David Planella
You want your applications reach millions, to be usable by anyone regardless of their language or writing system, and for this to happen transparently. Good news for you then: this is already possible using stable and proven internationalization technologies. It’s Free Software and it’s easy to integrate in your application. Learn how to prepare your applications to go international with David.

19:00 UTC
Widgetcraft: The Art of Creating Plasma Widgets – Harald Sitter
Plasma is the shell of the KDE Software Collection and available for many different form factors; it is almost entirely built out of widgets. Harald will show you how to create such amazing widgets, with surprisingly little code, to enrich your desktop experience and maybe even share with others.

20:00 UTC
Rock solid Python development with unittest/doctest – Barry Warsaw
If you’re asking yourself how to make your Python applications more robust and how to make your development workflow much more effective, here’s your answer. In this session, Python legend Barry Warsaw will show you how to easily add tests using the most popular modules from the Python Standard Library: unittest and doctest

Looking forward to seeing you all there in a few hours!

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2 Responses to “Ubuntu App Developer Week Kicks Off Today”

  1. Berg Ginú Says:

    Who I can get the irc channel logs to read?

  2. David Planella Says:

    You can always find the logs of all sessions, meetings, etc. at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/

    For AppDeveloperWeek, we’ll be adding the logs directly to the timetable, so that they are easier to reach. Check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek/Timetable

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