Debian 6.0.0, codename Squeeze, is out!

After two years of intense work, the Debian project has published a new stable release.

You are welcome to read the full release announcement to get an overview of the changes, the installation manual if you are doing a fresh installation and the release notes before upgrading your systems.

Choose your preferred installation media from

Squeeze Countdown

Also, don’t miss checking out the new design of the Debian website, Debian Wiki, Debian Lists Archive, Debian Planet , package information system and Debian Git web.

Thank you to everybody who made it possible!

Originally posted by Ana Guerrero on on 6 February 2011

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  1. sindikat Says:

    What is more important in this context is how folks from Ubuntu and Debian plan to collaborate starting from now. As squeeze is out its better to concentrate on coordination between future Ubuntu and Debian releases.

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