User Days January 29-30 Schedule

On the weekend of January 29-30th we will be hosting our 3rd Ubuntu User Days event in #ubuntu-classroom on (#ubuntu-classroom-chat for questions).

All times in the timetable are in UTC, click the time to find out your local time.

Saturday, January 29th

Time (UTC) Subject Presenter
08:30 Introduction to User Day nigelb, pleia2, nhandler
09:00 Software Installation shrini
10:00 Networking and sharing files in Ubuntu dnivra
11:00 Cloud for users Daviey
12:00 Ubuntu One ralsina
13:00 Finding Help in Ubuntu starcraftman
14:00 How to fix a broken machine popey
15:00 Switching from OS X aveilleux
16:00 Tips and tricks for multi-booters Cheri703
17:00 Inkscape Introduction doctormo
18:00 Command Line Email Clients for Ubuntu _marx_
19:00 Using IRC IdleOne
20:00 Accessibility apps Pendulum
21:00 Desktop Environments: Gnome, KDE, XFCE maco and pleia2
22:00 Command Line Basics imbrandon
23:00 Asking questions on Launchpad and Reporting bugs on Launchpad charlie-tca

Sunday, January 30th

Time (UTC) Subject Presenter
00:00 Switching from Windows cprofitt
01:00 Entertaining and educating kids using Ubuntu MichelleQ
02:00 Linux Security Myth maco
03:00 Unity jcastro and Dbo
04:00 What’s cooking in Ubuntu jcastro

For more information about User Days, including any last-minute adjustments to our schedule, please see our wiki page:

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