Translations Stories: Year 2010 in review for the Slovenian translation team

We’d like to show how translations change people’s lives for the best, and how the work of translators has an impact on that. We’d like to share our excitement and highlight the awesome work translators do. As such, we’re pleased to start off this series of translations stories with this excellent article from the Slovenian translation team, originally published here.

New year is great time to look in the past, reflect upon the work done, see what’s been done, congratulate oneself for that, make plans and bravely start a new year.
We are sharing this with all of you because:
  • We are deeply proud on our achievements
  • We would like to get comments from other teams as well (how did you experience 2010 – share it on your blog or in the comments)
As mentioned before year 2010 was really amazingly awesome for Slovenian translation team!
Detailed description below is mostly talking about work done in launchpad and gnome translation project as those are the most important for ubuntu distribution:
  • We finished the translation of gnome-extra section. We were actively maintaining the translations throughout 2010 so you were able to some something like the image below for most of 2010:
  • We also managed to finish most of the GUI translations. We are still missing a bit of gnome-office and external dependencies. We hope to complete it fully in 2011.
  • Together with other translation groups we have managed to accept first version of word list, which contained about 300 terms. It’s been constantly updating and growing throughout the year. Current version contains close to 900 terms.
  • After the first version of word list, which solved some terminology disagreements we reviewed all (285 .po files in total) translated gnome packages and removed a mountain of inconsistencies, which have lingered around since the beginning of translation effort around the year 2000.
  • In a similar way we have reviewed important non-gnome packages in uubuntu. As a result Ubuntu 10.10 is by far the most terminologically consistent release so far.
  • Updated and improved translations were (sometimes with a lot of effort) sent back to upstream (translation project, pulseaudio, debian). This means translations will be available to other distributions and operating systems as well.
  • To improve translation quality we have split into translation and reviewer group.
  • We have rearranged our wiki page and moved it to lugos (Linux User Groups Of Slovenia) website.
  • We wrote the guides for poedit and lokalize.
  • Established our own chatroom.
  • We started writing this blog 🙂
  • We have been actively searching for new translators. Number of moderately active translators  (karma above 500) has increased from 6 (August 2010) to 17 (December 2010).
  • Total karma has jumped from 30 000 (August 2010) to 48 500 (December 2010).
  • This enabled us to translate a lot of new packages and increase translation level of default GUI in  Ubuntu from 84 % in 10.04 to 99 % v 10.10. This just placed us withing top 10 languages worldwide  (Slovenian is 178. language in the world by the number of native speakers).
  • Translated some 30 smaller programs in launchpad, such as ubuntu tweak, awn, supertuxkart chromium browser, etc.
  • Translated GCompris, an educational suite for kids (including with more than 100 sound instructions).
  • Started regular montly meetings in the chatroom (online)
  • Started drinking tasty cool translators beer monthly 🙂 (if my phone’s flash wouldn’t be horrible, I could show you a nice photo here 🙁 )
  • With Firefox plugin EH-Tip created a tool, which enables us easy integration of or word list into launchpad. Several other teams have expressed interest to implement it into their workflow too.
  • Had an awesome time doing it 🙂
  • KDE translation team has also been active and in 2010 managed to maintain the translations and add about 7000 newly translated string.
  • Growth in 2010 for Slovenian Gnome and KDE translation proejct is shown on the graph below  (y axies is the number of total translated strings – application and documentation):

However we still left some nice challanges for 2011 :). So if you want to help us out and make 2011 equally or even more awesome than 2010 head on our blog and read all the details about joining (contact page).

Happy and successful 2011 to everyone!

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