Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #208

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. This is Issue #208 for the week of August 22nd – August 28th and is available here.

In this issue we cover:

  • 11.04 Ubuntu Developer Summit Announced
  • Getting More Developers Interested In Participating In Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu Stats
  • Bug Stats
  • Translation Stats Lucid
  • Ubuntu Brainstorm Top 5 this week
  • Maverick Meerkat Release Parties
  • Ubuntu LAN Party at Kwartzlab was a lot of fun!
  • First Debian/Ubuntu Community Conference in Italy
  • Michigan LoCo Jam – Another Success!
  • New Maine LoCo website
  • Operation: Wiki De-Kruft
  • Launchpad News
  • Articulating IRC Contributions Concisely
  • Rocking The Application Indicators
  • This week in design – 27 August 2010
  • Interview with Ubuntu IRC Council Member – Jussi Schultink
  • Boo-yah!!!
  • What are the barriers to walking the MOTU/Developer path?
  • In The Press
  • In The Blogosphere
  • Full Circle Magazine: We’ve got issue 40 (and a new logo) for you!
  • Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.6 Released – Adds Desktop Recovery Feature
  • Ubuntu One taking care of Windows users … not so much users of other Linux distributions
  • Canonical: The cloud shift is developer-led
  • LinuxCon 2010
  • Featured Podcasts
  • Weekly Ubuntu Development Team Meetings
  • Upcoming Meetings and Events
  • Updates and Security
  • UWN Sneak Peek
  • And Much Much More!
  • This issue of The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is brought to you by:

    • Amber Graner
    • J Scott Gwin
    • Liraz Siri
    • Penelope Stowe
    • Mike Holstein
    • Daniel Caleb
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      Except where otherwise noted, content in this issue is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License BY SA Creative Commons License

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