Patch Day Success!

The first Patch Day, was held on May 5, 2010. We were able to review 111 bugs with patches over a 49 hour period. There were 185 un-reviewed bugs in the queue at the start of Patch Day, that number came down to 74 un-reviewed bugs by the end of the day, and down to 69 as of now.

I’d like to thank all the folks who helped us review patches. Your assistance has helped us do 60% of what we targeted. Review Leads, thank for volunteering your time in helping with Patch Day.

Patch Day is a concept similar to Hug Days, where we will test patches and forward working patches upstream. If the bug is critical enough, we will try to get the patch applied in Ubuntu immediately. We’d like your help to get these submissions reviewed and if necessary sent upstream so that they don’t bit-rot, and to encourage people to continue helping us improve open source software.

Nigel Babu

Picked up from the Ubuntu-devel mailing list here.

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