Regional Membership Boards need YOU

We are going to extend the nomination period for the Regional Membership Boards Asia/Oceania and EMEA until Friday 30th April 12:00 UTC. (The Americas Board is all set in terms of nominations.)

On 2010-05-05 the terms of the following members of the Regional Membership Boards will end:

  • Asia/Oceania: Andi Darmawan, Emmet Hikory, Luke Yelavich, Melissa Draper, Robert Collins, Zak B. Elep, ??????? (amachu)
  • EMEA: Alan Pope, Dennis Kaarsemaker, Mark Van den Borre, Matthew Helmke, St├ęphane Graber, Szilvester Farkas

You can either nominate yourself or somebody else. Please add some information about yourself to the mail. (Expiring members can be re-nominated too.)

To nominate, please send a mail to the board you are nominating for. Try to explain your nomination. All nominations will be forwarded to the Community Council who will make the final decision.

  • ubuntu-membership-board-emea at
  • ubuntu-membership-board-asia-oceania at

We have the following requirements for nominees:

  • be an Ubuntu member
  • be confident that you can judge contributions to various parts of our community
  • be available during typical meeting times of the board in question
  • insight into the culture(s) and typical activities within a geographic region covered by the board is a plus

Here a slightly longer version that explains a bit better what kind of community members we are looking for: Those sitting on membership boards are people who are insightful. They are current Ubuntu Members with a proven track record of activity in the community. They have shown themselves over time to be able to work well with others and display the positive aspects of the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. They should be people who can discern character and judge contribution quality without emotion while engaging in an interview/discussion that communicates interest, a welcoming atmosphere, and which is marked by humanity, gentleness, and kindness. Even when they must deny applications, they should do so in such a way that applicants walk away with a sense of hopefulness and a desire to return with a more complete application rather than feeling

discouraged or hurt.

Thanks in advance to you and thanks a lot also to the dedication everybody put into their jobs as board members.

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