Ubuntu Translations Meeting Minutes 2010-02-25

Here are the notes on yesterday’s Ubuntu Translations meeting. These minutes, along with the full log, are available here.


  • Review of the Ubuntu Translations policies and best practices



Review of the Ubuntu Translations policies and best practices

The meeting focused on discussing the new set of policies, as the Guidelines section still requires some work.

The idea behind these policies is to provide more structure to Ubuntu Translations as a project as outlined in the spec, and the aim is to keep the policies short and concise to cover the basic requirements, but at the same time to keep the entry barrier low and not to make the translations process more difficult.


  • Adi expressed the concern about having too much documentation, which might put new teams off. We agreed on using the existing StartingTeam page as the resource to point out to new teams. This document should be visible in the main Translations page, and the policies used as a reference in the Knowledge Base, which should be a source of reference for existing teams
  • David agreed to rework the front page at Translations to address these concerns
  • On the point of team communication, we all agreed on the requirement for all teams to have a communication channel, regardless of type.
  • We also agreed to add a section on each team’s page in Launchpad listing their resources for communication, and eventually deleting Tems contact page when all teams have added that information.

The general consensus was that the documented policies are useful in their current form, with the additional feedback given at the meeting.

The rest of the agenda items were postponed for the next meeting or for discussion at the mailing list.

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