2009 Community Council vote complete

Thanks to all Ubuntu members who participated in the CC ballot, which was completed today. The new community council takes office immediately, and (in alphabetical order) comprises:

Alan Pope
Benjamin Mako Hill
Daniel Holbach
Elizabeth Krumbach
Matthew East
Mike Basinger
Richard Johnson

We had several additional candidates, and the ballot was richer for their willingness to stand. I’d like to thank all of them, and in addition would like to thank James Troup who steps down from the CC after 5 years as a founding member.

Welcome to the new faces, I look forward to two wonderful years of good governance in the Ubuntu community!

The structures by which we organise tens of thousands of participants have matured substantially in the past years. We have a deeper and richer LoCo structure today than ever before (thanks to those who lead there). The Forums Council has matured in its role and sets the example for delegated leadership from the CC. The Tech Board has lead the restructuring of the developer community, and so we are merging the excellend MOTU Council into the new Developer Membership Board, providing a more granular view of developer participation across the huge Ubuntu archive. Ubuntu Translations are now more formally lead. All in all, I’m proud of the commitment this community continues to show towards effective leadership, and the willingness of members of the community to step up and participate in that way. Thank you all!

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