Launchpad Bug Filing Changes for Ubuntu

As a part of the Increase Apport Adoption specification we are going to kick off an experiment and redirect all of Ubuntu’s /+filebug links in Launchpad to This change has been tested on already and will be landing shortly on (There will be a +filebug?no-redirect if you really really need it).

If you review the specification and the documentation bug reporters will be redirected to, you will notice that we spent a lot of time and energy on ensuring that we improve the quality of bugs when they are reported. The time many of us spend on triaging very incomplete bugs is not sustainable given the volume of bug reports. Having reporters use ubuntu-bug (apport more specifically) to report bugs will reduce many of these problems for us.

In order to make the transition for our users smoother, we’d like to ask you to help out with a few things:

  1. If you take care of a high-profile package, consider adding it to which is linked to from

  2. Please consider writing an apport hook for the packages you take care of, if you need special information in bug reports – it’s REALLY easy:
  3. If the area of Ubuntu that you take care of is better suited by symptom based bug reporting (“storage”, “boot”, “install”, “sound”, etc.), consider contributing to the apport-symptoms package – it too is REALLY easy:

By helping us receive higher quality bug reports, we will help to make Ubuntu even better!

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Originally sent to the ubuntu-devel-announce mailing list by Brian Murray on Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 5:53 PM

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