Run-Off Ballot for Technical Board

There is now a spot available on the Technical Board. Voting is already open and will close 20 Jan 2009 09:00 UTC. Here is Mark Shuttleworth’s email about it:

There is now a ballot of Ubuntu developers, to select a new member of
the Technical Board:

The candidates in alphabetical order are Colin Watson and Kees Cook.

In a departure from tradition, we will have a race between two
candidates, rather than a confirmation vote. So there are two
candidates, one place, and you get to choose. Both candidates have
indicated that they are happy to be in a race rather than a
confirmation. In future, depending on circumstance and candidates, we
may take either approach.

As it happens, both candidates work for Canonical. That’s not a
requirement for the position. However, the requirements do stack the
deck heavily in favour of someone who is able to devote full time
attention to the whole linux stack, in Ubuntu or Debian, and is very
aware of the Ubuntu community processes and players. As more companies
build businesses around Ubuntu and hence employ people who are very
active in the Ubuntu developer community, I am sure we will find great
non-Canonical TB candidates. We have already built substantial
non-Canonical representation in the Community Council, for example.

This is a simple two-candidate selection, the winner will be the
candidate with the most positive votes. In the event of a tie, I will
act as a tie breaker.

Please vote soon, the vote is only open for a week. Thank you to both
candidates for standing, and thanks in advance to all who participate in
the ballot.


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