Ubuntu on Amazon EC2 Beta Released

The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the beta release of Ubuntu 8.10 Server Edition on Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing service. Ubuntu Server on Amazon gives you the power and modularity of Ubuntu combined with the flexibility of Amazon’s cloud computing service. This is the first beta release of an Ubuntu Server Edition image optimised for EC2’s cloud computing environment.

This service allows you to create a fully running instance of Ubuntu Server on EC2 in just a few clicks. All the applications you’ll need such as a Web server, E-mail server and common development frameworks are available. There’s no charge for using Ubuntu on Amazon EC2, it’s provided without charge complete with maintenance updates. Separately, Amazon will charge EC2 users for their usage of the service.

We’ve fully tested the images of Ubuntu Server Edition on Amazon’s EC2 service. However, we’d like to get wider testing from the community and to learn how you’re using EC2 so that we can make improvements. If you’d like to help us improve Ubuntu on EC2 please join the beta.

Joining the Beta Programme

If you’d like to take part in the beta programme of Ubuntu Server Edition on Amazon then all you need is an account with Amazon Web Services and some contact details. There is no charge from Canonical for using the Ubuntu image. However, you should be aware that Amazon will charge you for your usage of their AWS services.

You can apply for access to the beta programme at this URL:

During the beta period we’ll update users of changes to the images or the programme through a mailing list. You are not required to join the mailing list, but if you select not to we will be unable to inform you of these changes.

More Information

You can find out more information about Ubuntu on Amazon:

Information about Amazon’s EC2 service is available at:

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