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With Ubuntu 8.10 out the door, LoCos all over the world have been celebrating the release. We catch up with the relatively new Zimbabwean team and the fast growing Iranian team, who both hosted release parties earlier this month.

Ubuntu Zimbabwe

On 1 November, the Zimbabwean Team held its first ever release party. People came from as far as 300km to attend the event. The IT manager of parliament, who is also a member of the LoCo, was present as well. Neil Coetzer says:

“The month of November left us with a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. In light of the political tension, violence and collapsed economy in our country, it was refreshing to see that Zimbabweans still have an active interest in Ubuntu and open source in general.”

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Ubuntu Iran

The Iranian Team have shown good growth with their launch parties, roughly doubling their attendance figures every launch party since the 7.04 release. Mehdi Hassanpour says:

“The Iranian Team started their public work with Ubuntu 6.10 release and soon became a big mature Open Source promoter team in the area and now with more than 3000 users in forums and ~80 posts per day is a very fast growing comunity.”

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