Ubuntu Hall of Fame

Jono Bacon has announced the creation of the Ubuntu Hall of Fame. It is an effort to recognize contributors that make the Ubuntu community a success.

With such a large community working on 5-A-Days, LoCos, translations, upstream bug triage, the sponsorship queue, Launchpad, forums, and many other projects, some contributors can be recognized by specific hard numbers, some may contribute in a range of projects that cannot be measured statistically. The Hall of Fame will highlight both types of work.

A number of boxes appear on the Hall of Fame:

Each box contains data for a specific topic, a description detailing what the data shows, ways to find more related data, and a link to a page that outlines how to get involved in that part of the community.

Another part of the Hall Of Fame is the Featured Contributor. Contributors doing excellent work around the community will be highlighted. Here, a little blurb will cover what they have done, their achievements and their personality. To show your appreciation for a contributors work, it is possible to “Thank” them. By clicking on a Thank button, the Hall Of Fame will look up your Launchpad account and add your profile picture to the blurb. This makes it easy to show featured contributors that you appreciate their work!

When thinking about who we would showcase for the first Featured Contributor, one of the first names that sprung to mind was Nick Ali, an excellent contributor and friend to everyone. Go and check out the Featured Contributor article about him.

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