Ubuntu Brainstorm Launched!

Today a new feedback site is launched at brainstorm.ubuntu.com that will make it easier for users of Ubuntu to suggests ideas for improvements. Voting makes it clear which ideas have the most support in the user community and should be given priority. We have of course been inspired by the IdeaStorm site from our good friends at Dell but modified the concept to fit our needs.

The development team can now take the pulse on the most pressing user issues and propose the ideas as topics at the Ubuntu Development Summits and ultimately as specifications. Ubuntu development is in turn driven by detailed specifications written up in the wiki and tracked as blueprints in Launchpad.

An idea on brainstorm can easily be linked to a Launchpad blueprint as well as to a bug or a forum discussion thread. In this way we expect to bridge the locations where ideas are often submitted now, as forum posts or bug reports, with the blueprint format they should be expressed in to be implemented.

The site has been designed and coded by the Ubuntu QA community as part of a more general feedback website (qa.ubuntu.com) designed initially to collect test reports from ISO testing. A huge thanks to stgraber, nand and thorwil!

Have an idea for improving Ubuntu? Post it at Ubuntu Brainstorm!

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