Boston 2007 Developer Summit Day 5: Final day and wrapup

Today was the last day of the Developer Summit and as such, it was a much lighter schedule.
After the spec sessions ended, Matt Zimmerman and Jono Bacon led a wrapup. However, a light schedule does not mean nothing was discussed:

Building a community around “enterprise” Ubuntu

Running Ubuntu in a large deployment can be tough, and a team to help reduce the pain is sorely needed. This spec talked about how to build such a team, including ideas like chatting with spec authors to make them aware of the needs of users of such deployments, as well as helping “enterprise-y” users contribute meaningfully to the larger Ubuntu community, including teams such as MOTU.

Banshee information discussion

The Banshee lead dev, Aaron Bockover, came to UDS to run an informal session on Banshee, talking about what it currently does and what development is expected in the future. He showcased how Banshee handles large libraries, iPod and other media device sync, and other features. Although shipping Banshee by default is not likely in the Hardy timeframe, it was strongly suggested that Hardy+1 would be a good time to do this.

Wrapup session

At the end of the conference, Matt Zimmerman led a wrapup session, describing this UDS as the “biggest and best” with the largest scope, encompassing Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu and general education, Mobile, Server, and community. He then went on to cover the highlights of each major track:

Community – focusing on workflow between teams with the project, working with LoCo teams as well as building relationships with upstream developers.

Kernel – targeting the 2.6.24 kernel for Hardy, building a schedule, and announcing daily kernel builds during the Hardy cycle

Platform – focusing on robustness is a key target for Hardy, including creating a better testing infrastructure for language packs, bootloader, desktop applications and more.

Server – planning an amibitious schedule including LDAP auth on client/server with AD as an additional target, packaging of web apps, and more.

Mobile – focusing on how to handle software updates, backups, which applications to install by default, and general platform issues.

QA – talking about better measurement of QA during Hardy processes for verifying bugs. Also created a detailed schedule for what the QA team will be doing.

Desktop – discussing a major new theme for Hardy, including better procedures. Also talked about tracking new upstream projects such as PolicyKit.

Matt then turned it over to Jono, who led a a discussion of accolades and gripes about the UDS, with the reward of a donated O'Reilly book for the speakers. Lots of feedback was generated, from the now working phone system, the schedule being rejigged, notice boards and notices in general, where lunch was held, working with the LoCo team to help generate list of eating and cultural place within the host city, and much more.

Thanks for reading all this. There are a few more articles coming out over the next weeks, including talking with the Mobile and Server teams to see what they covered at UDS and those teams' general plans for Hardy.

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