Hug Day on September 12th

September 12th is a Hug Day! Hug Days are days set aside specifically for working on Ubuntu bugs. This involves tasks for all skill levels so feel free to join in on the fun! This Hug Day is dedicated to looking at bugs regarding the 2.6.22 kernel used by Gutsy Gibbon those reported while testing ISO images.

The event will be held in #ubuntu-bugs all day to allow all timezones to get involved. The list of targeted bugs will be posted at

You are welcome to apply for the Ubuntu Quality Assurance team anytime, and Hug Day is a great day to join! This is a chance to give back to the OS you love.

If you're interested in helping, please stop by. Feel free to ask bdmurray, pedro, heno and the rest of the team for ways to help out. The Ubuntu QA team is looking forward to seeing you there!

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