Month Of Screencasts 2007

Ubuntu Month of Screencasts is a mad plan concocted by the Screencast Team to produce one full length screencast per day for the whole of one month. That month is September 2007.

The goal is that each video will go into one subject in some depth, to help educate new users about Ubuntu. A wide range of topics will be covered which should answer some questions that new users to Ubuntu often ask. The aim is to go into enough detail to be interesting without being baffling or boring.

Of course the screencasts can not go into infinite detail on every topic, as there are limits to our time and resources. So don’t expect to learn kernel hacking or C programming. However, there should be enough information to get a new user from “zero to hero” in one month. That’s the goal.

Each screencast will be made available through the Ubuntu Screencast site in three sizes and two formats (OGG and Flash). The screencasts are licensed under the permissive Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License, so you’re free to modify, pass on, sell or otherwise distribute them so long as the attribution to us stays intact.

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