Ubuntu Hug Day

It is time for our next Hug Day on Wednesday, June 27th. Our theme for this Hug Day will be server bugs and in this end, we will joined by Soren Hansen and Rick Clark from the Ubuntu Server Team. The focus will be the packages samba, php5, openssh, mysql, apache2, postfix, and openldap2.3.

Just like the last Hug Day the event will be held in #ubuntu-devel on the Freenode network. More information is on the Bug Day wiki page.

The list of specific bugs will be finalized shortly before the start of the 27th to ensure that all the bugs on it still need attention. Our goal is to deal with all of the bugs on the list.

Hug Day is a great day to join the Ubuntu QA team.

If you’re interested in helping, please stop by. And feel free to ask shawarma, dendrobates, bdmurray, heno the rest of the team for ways to help out. Hope to see you there and your name on the list of bug huggers!

So on 27 June 2007, come join us.

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