Gutsy translations open!

If you’re an Ubuntu translator, you can get to work on Ubuntu Gutsy straight away!

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Thanks to some great work from the Launchpad Translations team, Ubuntu translations will now open much earlier in the development cycle.

Previously, Launchpad had to go offline to import the translation strings for a new Ubuntu release. Launchpad developer Jeroen Vermeulen explained why:

“Setting up translations for a new Ubuntu release involves the movement of massive amounts of data, often with complex interrelationships. You don’t just pick it up and put it somewhere else; people continue to add, review, and edit translations while we try to make a faithful copy of the previous release’s current translation state. It’s a bit like keeping a business running normally while one of its largest departments is moving to a new office, or painting a picture of a group of people who continue to move around normally.”

Thanks to some great work from the Launchpad Translations team, they can now import a new Ubuntu release’s translation strings without taking Launchpad offline. This means that translations for future Ubuntu releases will open as soon as the Ubuntu developer team is ready.

Daily language pack updates

Throughout Gutsy’s development, the Ubuntu team plan to release daily language pack updates through the official repositories. Gutsy users will receive these daily updates as standard.

Daily updates will be a great way for Ubuntu translators to see their work in place almost straight away. Once Gutsy is released as Ubuntu 7.10, its official language pack updates will be sent once a month.

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