D-Link LiveDVD features Kubuntu

In a recent story published by Heise Online, D-Link is publishing a LiveDVD featuring the Kubuntu GNU/Linux operating system. This DVD features a router development environment for the HorstBox Professional VoIP router (page available in German only). The HorstBox Professional contains a WLAN router with ADSL modem as well as a system that runs the Asterisk telephone system.

According to D-Link open source is an important component of its product strategy. “That a complete development environment would be made available was already apparent when HorstBox Professional was still in its conception phase. The reason for this is obvious: The requirements that future-proof systems capable of flexibly responding to the desires of customers need to meet are continuing to grow. In this way we can meet these requirements in an optimal fashion,” Horst Toddenroth, head of the Advanced Products and Solutions Department at D-Link Central Europe, said.

Head on over to Heise Online and read the story in its entirety.

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