Feisty CDs ready for approved LoCos

ShipIt, the service that provides free Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu CDs has been a huge hit since it was first announced, and a huge number of CDs for each Ubuntu release has been sent out. Individuals, LoCo Teams, community groups and other people have all ordered CDs, and many a tradeshow and conference has been graced with CDs from ShipIt as well as an accompanying LoCo team to spread the Ubuntu love.

With Ubuntu 7.04, the Feisty Fawn about to be released, ShipIt is primed to send out fresh Feisty CDs for Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu.

Like with Edgy, Feisty CDs will be available to Approved LoCo teams in pre-picked packs. These packs will include the following range of platforms:

  • 200 Ubuntu PC
  • 25 Ubuntu 64bit
  • 30 Kubuntu PC
  • 15 Kubuntu 64bit
  • 30 Edubuntu

The CDs are available on ShipIt – to order Feisty CDs for your LoCo team
see this page.

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