Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #26

The Ubuntu Weekly News issue #26, a special holiday edition, has been published and brings you the latest news in the Ubuntu community for the period between December 12th and 31th, 2006. You can read about:

  • Coverage of the Community Council Meeting
  • Ubuntu LoCo Team News
  • Ubuntu Xmas Edition 2006
  • BehindUbuntu's latest Interview
  • Ubuntu Women Unite
  • Changes in Feisty
  • Changes at the UWN
  • Launchpad Update
  • Ubuntu in the press
  • This week's Quiz
  • Upcoming Meetings and Events
  • Community Spotlight
  • Updates and Security Notices
  • Bug Stats

As always, you can read more at Issue 26 on the wiki.

Do you have a story idea for the Weekly News? Submit it via email or on the wiki!

The Weekly News is brought to you by the Marketing Team, who are always seeking new people to help with their many projects. Go help them out!

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