Monthly Archives: November 2006

Holy Fork Ubuntu Man

Our very own Mark Shuttleworth posed in front of a Google tree during a recent interview with the chaps over at The Register. Mark answered questions covering everything from Oracle, Red Hat, and Novell to um, Microsoft? The interview is fun, to the point and very entertaining. It is cool to see Ubuntu's top dog, […]

Developer Summit – you can contribute!

The Ubuntu Developer Summit has just kicked off in Mountain View, and the discussions about Feisty are rolling on. The entire core Ubuntu team are there, and a number of upstream projects and developers such as Telepathy, GStreamer, Pulseaudio, KDE, GNOME, OLPC, Maemo, Compiz/Beryl and more are in attendance. If you are not physically at […]

Launchpad in October: Bazaar and Mirror additions

Christian Robottom Reis, who heads up the Launchpad team has been busy over the weekend and prepared the Launchpad report for the start of October. Launchpad is the central focal point for many K/Ubuntu activities, providing the bug tracking system known as Malone, a complete specification management system and the Rosetta web-based translation interface. Many […]

Weekly News #20: Edgy coverage and a request to mirror admins

The latest issue of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter has now arrived, covering 2005 October 22nd – 28th. The main topic for this 20th issue has been the arrival of the latest Ubuntu 6.10 release, (“Edgy Eft”). Of course, there has been plenty more happening than just the news of the release, with a full of […]

Behind Ubuntu: Raphaël Pinson

Raphaël Pinson looks to the next release Behind Ubuntu has published an interview with Raphaël Pinson. Raphaël is known for his work on Kubuntu, and more recently on Ichthux, a Linux distribution based on Kubuntu and aimed at Christian users and communities. In his interview, we learn how Raphaël’s Christianity has influenced his involvement in […]