Launchpad in October: Bazaar and Mirror additions

Christian Robottom Reis, who heads up the Launchpad team has been busy over the weekend and prepared the Launchpad report for the start of October.

Launchpad is the central focal point for many K/Ubuntu activities, providing the bug tracking system known as Malone, a complete specification management system and the Rosetta web-based translation interface. Many developers spend several hours per day working with the bugtracker and when the Developer Summit: Mountain View begins this weekend in Californa, the specification system will receive an equal workout.

Inside this latest Launchpad report, you will find an excellent introduction and detailed description of that specification management system.

If you’re a fan of Bazaar version control you will get the low-down on the new way to work with Bazaar branches using Launchpad. There’s further coverage of the Bazaar/Launchpad integration work from James Henstridge’s.

As previously covered in the Ubuntu Weekly News, Launchpad has gained mirror management interface. This improved system is for Ubuntu mirror administrators to manage and announce their FTP servers to the Ubuntu community. There’s no overall mirror page but you can access the individual pages for CD, archive mirrors, or add a new one.

Launchpad also gained many enhancements to the bug tracking system, particularly in the handling for coping with bug report duplicates, where the same, or similar issue has been reported multiple times.

The full report for the first two weeks of October, including a detailed changlog and much extra information on all Launchpad improvements or changes is available in the mailing list archives. Head over and grab the complete Launchpad News from the Launchpad Users’ mailing list.

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