Monthly Archives: October 2006

London Linux World Expo 2006: "Ubuntu Dudes" spotted

The Linux World Expo is currently in full-swing at the Olympia Exhibition centre, in London. Many exhibitors including HP, IBM and and Novell/Suse are present with a lively atmosphere all around. On hand: Ubuntu UK Locoteam Over in the .Org village for smaller Free Software projects, are everyone from MythTV and Debian UK to the […]

Taking you to the Edge: Kubuntu 6.10 – released today!

The hard-working Kubuntu team have announced the release of the glorious Kubuntu 6.10, code-named Edgy Eft. Included in this new release of the “blue desktop” are: KDE 3.5.5: ease of use, contemporary functionality and outstanding graphical design. Digikam: advanced digital photo management in the box. Guidance: overhauled power management. Hardware Database: helping Kubuntu work on […]

Ubuntu 6.10 – Edgy Eft – released today!

The Ubuntu team have been proud to announce the release of Ubuntu 6.10, codenamed Edgy Eft! Edgy includes some cool new stuff, including: Tomboy: an easy-to-use and efficient note-taking tool. F-Spot: a photo management tool that enables tagging, photo editing and automatic uploading to on-line web management sites such as Flickr. GNOME 2.16: which in […]

Top of the table at the Linux Awards!

Ubuntu has walked away with Best Distribution at the Linux Awards held in London last night. Maggie Meer of UK Linux magazine Linux User and Developer presided over the show with guest presenter Perry McCarthy—formerly of BBC TV car show Top Gear—who kept the awards rolling. Canonical’s Jane Silber was there to pick up the […]

Ubuntu update is 'Edgy' on boot speed

Zdnet Australia have noticed that Thursday 26th will be Release Day for Ubuntu 6.10. The version has been code-named Edgy Eft and follows the naming scheme of previous releases, where by the current year and month form the version number. Included in the article are a run-down of features, with the opening paragraphs dedicated to […]