Top of the table at the Linux Awards!

Ubuntu has walked away with Best Distribution at the Linux Awards held in London last night.

Maggie Meer of UK Linux magazine Linux User and Developer presided over the show with guest presenter Perry McCarthy—formerly of BBC TV car show Top Gear—who kept the awards rolling.

Canonical’s Jane Silber was there to pick up the award, a transparent, and extremely sharp glass trophy with the wording UBUNTU engraved into the glassword. Jane spent the rest of the evening closely guarding her new toy.

Also at the ceremony Jon “maddog” Hall picked up the Lifetime contribution recognition, won last year by Linux kernel developer Alan Cox. Representing the four boys from Wolverhampton, Jono Bacon took home the prize for Best Open Source marketing campaign on behalf of LUG Radio Live 2006, narrowly beating Ubuntu’s Ship IT free CD-ROM scheme.

Fans will be pleased to know that following a previous incident, Jono’s famous beard has grown back.

Reading out the nominations, Perry McCarty had great fun with some of the more interesting project and company names, at one point tongue-twisting himself over Canonical (“Camomica”). After the meal and award ceremony, dancing and drinking continued at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel until late into the morning.

The trophy only mentioned Ubuntu, but we’re sure that this includes Edubuntu and Kubuntu aswell. Pictures will follow as soon as we at El Fridge have managed to wrestle the gong away from Jane’s firm grip… Congratulations all around!

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